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How to keep using "Hightlight" continueously, instead of jumping to "Hand Tool" immediately after every time I use Hightlight

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    Shannon W



    Thank you for contacting Gaaiho support!


    Which Gaaiho product and version are you currently using? However, either you are using Gaaiho PDF Reader or Suite for highlighting, the highlighting tool should be continuous by default, unless you select other tools manually (eg. hand tool, select tool, etc.). 

    When you would like a tool to remain open (continuous) after use, make sure that the buttonon bottom right corner is selected. 


    Hope it works for you! Please feel free to contact us at with any question or suggestions.


    Many thanks,

    Gaaiho Support Team

  • Ares

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am using Reader. I checked the version and there is the latest version, so maybe I can try to reinstall it.

  • Shannon W



    A quick follow-up. Although it is set as default, make sure that the button on bottom right corner is selected so the tool will remain open after use. 


    Many thanks,

    Gaaiho Support Team


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